Royal Military College

The Royal Military College of Canada was established in 1876 and is located in Kingston, Ontario. The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) is the military college of the Canadian Forces, and is the only federal institution in Canada with degree-granting powers.

RMCC’s mission is to prepare officer-cadets for a career in the profession of arms, and to continue the development of other Canadian Forces members, as well as civilians with an interest in defense issues. The Royal Military College of Canada is committed to maintaining a high standard of physical fitness while developing the qualities of leadership, communication, awareness, and ethics in its officer-cadets.

The Royal Military College of Canada offers a wide variety of programs in Arts, Science, and Engineering through both traditional, on-site learning programs as well as distance education opportunities. All degree programs are available in both English and French. Subjects for study are determined based on the value they provide to future officers in the Canadian forces, with a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures a well-rounded education in a variety of fields of interest.

RMCC’s Graduate Studies and Research Division provides advanced degree programs and professional development for post-graduate students in engineering, the humanities, and science. Graduate-level programs are designed to support the Canadian Forces through collaboration and alliances with Defense Research Establishments, Engineering Classifications, and Operational Commands. Notable research projects include air-independent life support systems, small telescopes for orbital research, space research, radiation and nuclear emergency response, and photodynamic therapy.

Campus Life

The Royal Military College of Canada’s campus features a blend of older, historic buildings, and modern academic, athletic, and residence facilities.

Cadet life is composed of four components: academic, bilingualism, military, and athletic. The military aspect of student life is designed to provide practical training in leadership, as well as to teach skills that will support academic, bilingual, and athletic discipline.

RMCC offers students a chance to participate in a variety of recreational clubs that provide leadership and participation opportunities for students. Clubs cover interests such as athletics, academics, hobbies, and theatre. Competitive clubs include taekwondo, rowing, swimming, running, sailing, and women’s rugby.

Kingston, Ontario, hosts several festivals throughout the year, including writing, film, music, and buskers’ festivals. The city’s active cultural life is supported by arts, theatre, and music, which ensures that students will have ample opportunity to experience a culturally-rich Canadian community while receiving a world-class education.

Why Study at the Royal Military College of Canada?

For most students under the Regular Officer Training Plan, education at RMCC is free, and a weekly salary is provided to meet students’ incidental needs.

The Royal Military College of Canada has a strong reputation for producing graduates who are highly-skilled in the areas of bilingualism, academia, athletics, and Canadian history. The College’s priorities demonstrate the its commitment to graduate success and the well-being of the Canadian community.

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