Master Degree

Awarded to individuals who have completed a study of high level or mastery in a specific field of study or professional competence. Within their study area graduates are expected to acquire advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theory, skill, and evaluation, applying these concepts toward the professional workplace.

There are various different ways to obtain a masters degree; the most popular being a Post Graduate Masters degree, designed for anyone who holds a Bachelors Degree. However other less pertinent options to complete a Masters Degree are available. The Post Graduate Masters by Research Degree is designed for those who hold a bachelors degree with a significant research component and/or have complied several publications. Executive Masters Degrees are designed specifically for executive professionals, and the Integrated Masters Degree is an undergraduate degree combined with one single Masters extension year. The first three years are generally regarded as a Bachelors Degree followed by a single year of study to be completed at Masters level.

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