Bachelor Degree

Generally an academic degree earned for an undergraduate course of study, or major that normally requires three to five years of study, dependent upon institution and selected field of study. These periods of time can range when factoring in diligence, previous education and other commitments to work and family. A bachelor’s degree can also be named as a second graduate degree.

Undergraduate degrees are often described as either pass degrees, otherwise known as ordinary degrees, or as an honors’ degree.
Honors degrees are sometimes denoted by the addition of “Hons” after the degree abbreviation. Honors degrees will require a higher level of academia than a standard pass degree. This level of academia is defined by your GPA; Grade Point Average. A student who first achieves a general or normal bachelor’s degree with a sufficiently high overall GPA maybe admitted to a Postgraduate Degree in the same field of study if one chose to continue with their studies.

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