What is needed to apply?

To apply could not be simpler! Canada for school user profile makes it simple to apply for universities across Canada. Your profile answers mean that Canada for school can complete all of the administration process with you at no cost. Whether applying for High school, University, ESL Programs or Post Graduate Programs, by completing our profile section your choice of educational institution is both easy and endless.

On completion of Canada for School three step profile, agents will then take your information and begin an individual search for your future educational journey. Your profile can be saved at any point throughout application, however the sooner it is completed, the quicker we can search for your chosen destination.

Upon being accepted into an educational institution, you will then need to apply for you Student VISA. To begin applying for your student VISA you can go to http://www.cic.gc.ca/. Here you can start to compile your personal information to gain entry into Canada and begin your new adventure.

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