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Canada for School is a third party company that refers its customers to Canadian educational institutions of their choosing.  Both our team of experts, combined with our unique profile login and progress feature helps you feel involved but guided through every step taken. Having your own agent personal to you ensures a strong relationship and an individual to turn to in times of need.  As soon as you complete your profile, an appropriate agent will be assigned to you with all of your best interests a number one priority. Offering information from individual schools, accommodations, study areas, provinces, to selecting the best cell phone plan; we hold your hand every step of the way. On completion of your user profile you can begin to see where in Canada your education could take you.

From requesting information, to your first class at your brand new university, Canada for School is there for you. We take pride in giving students the optimum opportunity to become everything they can be, in one of the world’s most amazing countries. Start your journey now and become part of the Canada for School family.

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