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A country of true contrast Canada provides scenes of natural beauty, alongside urban metropolis in a setting that really does have it all.  From Toronto, one of the most multicultural concrete jungles on the planet, to the world renowned natural beauty that is the Northern Lights of the Yukon, you can expect to experience one of the top ten living standards in the world. Is it the rolling green fields of Saskatchewan or the hustle and bustle of city life in Vancouver that appeals to you?

Canada for School can help you take steps toward finding your perfect educational institution, surrounded by an environment suited to your needs.

The official Languages of Canada’s thirty four million residents are both English and French. Coming into contact with both languages on a daily basis is something of normality. Universities offer courses in both English and French, however it should be noted that students do not have to be fluent in both languages to enroll into Canadian Education. For students whose first language is not English however, an English Language test is required. The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is the most recognizable, although many other options are accepted across Canada.

Education is paramount in Canada, much of which is supported financially by the government. This continued support ensures that regardless of chosen institution or faculty, a persistent high level of quality is kept. Institutions of higher education in Canada have an excellent reputation across the globe.

Provincial governments regulate all educational matters individually. Admission fees and requirements can vary widely and Canada for School will help you every step of the way. Canadian universities offer both wide and diverse course programs. Combine this with universities that offer undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees which are recognizable across the world, Canada provides you with an outstanding learning opportunity in both education and life.

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