How long is the process?

The length of the process is really up to you. Canada for School is here to help you on your schedule. If you’re looking to start school this year or next, by filling out your individual profile we can talk with you one on one and gain understanding what it is you really need. Times can vary from weeks to months but we are here to help push your application through as quickly as needed. Canada for school progress feature allows you to actively see where you are in the process at all times guiding you through and giving advice on what steps you need to take next.

Student VISA wait times vary from country and continent. Immigration Canada’s updated wait times can be viewed at; .The student VISA is your final puzzle piece in gaining admittance into the country and also the longest step to complete. How dedicated you are to completing this step of the process will result in how quickly you can start to look for those all important flights!

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