Cost of Education in Canada

Prices for education vary from province, to institute, and area of study. This can then be impacted by the potential of scholarship reward or student grants, (Ref : Canada Student Grants). Factoring into this also cost of living, rent, food etc, thought to be around $3,000 – 6,000 a year in Canada per year. It is also important to consider initial costs of VISA applications and even begin to start looking at flight costs as they can regularly rise and fall depending on destination and time of year. In getting to know you through one on one sessions, combined with the completion of your personal profile, Canada for School will have a greater understanding of how much it will cost you to begin your education. All of this may seem a little overwhelming, but one thing is for certain; Canada for School does not charge anything for our service and gives you the opportunity to open your eyes and see what you could achieve.

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