Vancouver School of Theology

The Vancouver School of Theology (VST) was established in 1971 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the University of British Columbia campus. VST is a multi-denominational graduate school that is recognized for inspiring theological innovation with roots in the Christian tradition.

VST’s vision is to engage with issues of truth, justice, and spiritual growth, to be faithful and discerning disciples of Jesus Christ, and to be witnesses to the living God. The Vancouver School of Theology’s mission is fourfold:

  • To develop a learned ministry in the service of Jesus Christ, as well as religiously educated global leaders.
  • To partner with First Nations and the global Aboriginal community through Christian ministry, spiritual growth, and social justice.
  • To further interfaith understanding in order to enhance the quality of life for all.

The Vancouver School of Theology values biblical and theological learning, an integrated spiritual life, denominational commitment and intercultural engagement, diversity of culture, and diligent, open-minded learning.

The Vancouver School of Theology is working to develop new courses and programs that explore a re-imagined Christianity that actively engages with the global community. The VST offers graduate-level degrees, including Master of Arts in Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Master of Theology, and Master of Arts in Public and Pastoral Leadership.

Campus Life

The Vancouver School of Theology features a small, close-knit community that is diverse and inclusive. The VST seeks to be a centre of creative growth, with the belief that praying, eating, and playing together is an important part of the post-secondary experience. Worship is the most important community-building initiative at the VST, with weekly and daily Community Worship services held on-campus.

Community events aim to promote spiritual vitality and community leadership.
Events include Covenant Groups that explore and practice particular spiritual disciplines, weekly shared meals to encourage casual conversation, and lectures and roundtable seminars featuring student and faculty presentations. In addition, parties and socials are held year-round, including summer barbeques and holiday parties.

VST’s picturesque campus is located in a naturally beautiful setting that provides opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as running, cycling, or walking.

Students also have access to the University of British Columbia’s recreational facilities, including swimming pools, fitness and weight rooms, libraries, clubs, and associations.

Why Study at the Vancouver School of Theology?

The Vancouver School of Theology is committed to compassionate interaction, spiritual exploration, and intellectual rigour. These commitments inform the School’s dedication to graduate success, and its goal to produce globally-minded, spiritual leaders.

The Vancouver School of Theology’s interdenominational approach to Christian learning helps to create an inclusive, diverse environment. The School’s active social atmosphere ensures that students will feel welcomed and at home while practicing their faith and deepening their spirituality.

School Address

6000 Iona Drive,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V6T 1L4

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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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