Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Established in 1995, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, commonly referred to as VanArts, is a private college that is located in Vancouver British Columbia. The school offers a variety of specialized programs in Media Arts and is recognized as the number one school in the Western part of Canada and a top 10 school in the world for animation training and education.
VanArts offers high focused and specialized one year diploma programs in the area of visual media, performing arts, and media and the school is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA). It has also been awarded an Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation in BC.
Students choose VanArts for many reasons. The school has a strong reputation and connections in the industry, the faculty and instructors are world class professionals, students have access to state of the art facilities in small classroom settings, and they have the ability to collaborate and get involved in many projects as part of their diploma program.
Many graduates have gone on to work for leading companies in media arts such as Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures, DC Comics, to name a few.

Student Life at VanArts

VanArts is very much an international post-secondary institution. Mirroring the diverse culture of a large city like Vancouver, about half of the students enrolled at VanArts are international students – coming from many different countries around the world.

Students get to experience everything the big city has to offer in its downtown Vancouver campus, while maintaining a small community feel on campus. With no shortage of opportunity for developing friendships, collaborate on projects, and receive mentorship from industry professionals, students can enjoy both work and play.
VanArts Programs

All programs offered at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts are media focused and are at the forefront of the industry. The school offers 7 core programs, all of which are one year intensive programs. These highly specialized programs are:

  • Broadcasting for TV and Radio
  • Game Art and Design
  • 2D and 3D Character Animation
  • Acting for Television and Film
  • Digital Photography
  • Visual Effects
  • Web Development and Interactive Design

VanArts also offers a series of part time courses in three areas:

  • Acting – intro to acting, voice and speech, media arts boot camp
  • Art and Animation – Character animation, Comic book production, intro to maya
  • Digital photography – digital photography 101, Video recording, sound recording, video production

Partnerships with Universities

One of the unique and advantageous features about the diploma programs that are offered by VanArts is that the school has a number of partnerships with colleges and universities in multiple countries that allow students to complete a bachelor’s degree at the university once you complete your diploma at VanArts. This gives students the opportunity to complete a professional diploma and bachelor’s degree in only two years.

School Address

570 Dumsmuir St, #600,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V6B 1Y1

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