Vancouver Community College

Established in 1965 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Community College is the largest and oldest community college in British Columbia. The College’s commitment to access, community, and advanced skills training ensures that students graduate as highly-qualified professionals who are well-positioned to succeed in their chosen career path.

Vancouver Community College is dedicating to filling skills gaps in growing industries by creating innovative and collaborative programs through partnerships and direct connections to industry and employers. The College offers over 140 certificate and diploma programs in fields such as Design, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Business, Human Services, Transportation, and Technology. Vancouver Community College also offers university transfer programs, English as a second language, and high school completion programs.

The College’s mission is to serve a diverse community by facilitating excellent, high-quality programs and services that prepare students and graduates for lifelong learning, career entry and advancement, and participation in the community.

Campus Life

Vancouver Community College has two campuses in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Broadway Campus opened its state-of-the-art facilities in 2009 and is home to the College’s health sciences training programs. Facilities at both campuses include modern campuses, teaching and computer labs, lounges, learning centres, and cafeterias, restaurants, and coffee shops.

The College provides a variety of student services, including job search assistance, childcare, and professional counseling. International students are further supported through educational planning services and study permit extensions.

Students at Vancouver Community College have many opportunities to contribute to a vibrant and engaged community. The Vancouver Community College Students’ Union encourages students to engage in social and recreational activities by hosting a variety of events throughout the year and facilitating clubs that span a number of interests.

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the world’s livable cities, and is home to a variety of cultural and recreational attractions, including shopping centres, galleries, coffee shops, and sports events.

Why Study at Vancouver Community College?

Vancouver Community College’s collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions, employers, community groups, and government sectors ensure that the College is able to quickly respond to existing and emerging community needs. These co-operative partnerships ensure that students graduate with relevant, in-demand skills and training.

Flexible and responsive instruction encourages students and graduates to reach their full potential. Creative learning initiatives, experiential learning, and professional support services demonstrate Vancouver Community College’s dedication to its graduates’ success.

In addition to engaging with British Columbia’s largest community college, students at Vancouver Community College are able to participate in the diverse and exciting culture of Vancouver, British Columbia. By experiencing the best of Canadian culture while receiving a world-class education, students will graduate uniquely prepared to contribute positively to the Canadian and global environments.

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1155 East Broadway,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V5T 4V5

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