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Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg officially received its charter in 1967 but its roots predate this. Manitoba College (1871) and Wesley College (1888) were the founding colleges, which also merged in 1938 to become United College. Today the University of Winnipeg is a leader amongst post-secondary institutions in Canada and is noted for academic excellence. The University is consistently identified for its high ranking in both Maclean’s magazine and The Globe and Mail newspaper.  

University of Winnipeg offers undergraduate degrees in Arts, Business & Economics, Science, Education, Theology and Kinesiology. UWinnipeg also offers a variety of uncommon Masters degrees including: Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and Society, Masters in Cultural Studies, Master’s of Development Practice – Indigenous Development, Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance, Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy, Master of Arts in English with a Focus in Cultural Studies, Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Divinity, and Master of Sacred Theology.

Other programs offered at University of Winnipeg include English language programs, international programs, professional and continuing education, applied and joint programs shared with other institutes, post-graduate diplomas and certificates.

Why Study at University of Winnipeg?

Research is a primary focus at UWinnipeg – an experience that many students at smaller institutes don’t get the opportunity to be part of. The school offers a wide variety of research opportunities at the undergraduate level. Students involved in research are often hired to along side professors providing real experience that comes without a price. These Canadian Research Institutes support research opportunities at UWinnipeg:

  • Canada Research in Science Education in Cultural Contexts
  • Canada Research in Fundamental Symmetries in Subatomic Physics
  • Canada Research in Environmental Toxicology
  • Canada Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures
  • Canada Research in Inner-City Issues, Community Learning, and Engagement
  • Canada Research in Quantum Material Discovery

The University of Winnipeg attracts international student from 68 countries globally. To date, more than 5% of the students come from another country with this number growing annually. International students will find them selves right at home at UManitoba, with services and resource available for all their needs.

Life at University of Manitoba

Student life on campus is never boring at University of Manitoba. Students may choose to live off campus or in residence, where they will develop strong friendships and live in a supportive community. Students can catch a movie or a play at the campus theater. The campus also has an impressive pubic art gallery with regular events and displays. Access to the state of the art Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre will keep any busy student in shape.

Athletics are taken seriously at University of Winnipeg, with the schools volleyball and basketball team out beating any university in Canada for most championship titles. The Wesman is the name of the schools athletics teams, offering sport opportunities in volleyball, basketball, soccer and wrestling for both men and women, as well as men’s baseball.

University of Winnipeg is esteemed for its Indigenous scholarship and its academic excellence among other things. It is a school with something to offer every unique student.

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