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About the University of Alberta

For more than 100 years the University of Alberta has provided students in Alberta with high quality education options and academic excellence. The school opened its doors in 1908 and now is one of the largest universities in Canada. Located in Edmonton, the school was created on the idea of “uplifting of the whole people.” The school is dedicated to inspiring individuals through outstanding achievement in learning and discover in a creative community.

UAlberta is widely regarded as a Top 5 Canadian university as well as one of the top 100 post-secondary institutions in the world. It is this high level of education and innovation in research that has students coming from around the world to study here. With over 200 undergraduate, and 170 graduate programs across 18 faculties, there is no shortage of academic programs for students to choose from.

Campus Life at University of Alberta

Campus is located on the North Saskatchewan River Valley and is divided in 5 distinct campuses, providing students with a number of unique environments to explore:

  1. North Campus -the original campus
  2. South Campus -
  3. Augustana Campus - located an hour away from the main campus in Camrose
  4. Campus Saint-Jean – A French language campus
  5. Enterprise Square – located in downtown Edmonton

Community is a big part of the education experience at UAlberta. There are hundreds of student groups and associations to get involved with on campus, making the school an ideal destination for the thousands of international students that choose to study here each year.

The school is also known for its athletics, as the Golden Bears have won 62 National Titles, primarily in Hockey, Volleyball, and Soccer.

Why Study at UAlberta?

Students choose to study at the University of Alberta because of its reputation for excellence, world class research facilities and academic degrees that are recognized around the world. The school has produced the third most Rhodes Scholars in the country and it is world renowned for its research in paleontology, nanotechnology and it has nearly 400 research and teaching agreements with organizations and governments in countries around the world.

Innovation is a main focus at UAlberta as the school is a proponent of interdisciplinary efforts, creating a unique and proactive environment for students to pursue their education and conduct transformative research.

UAlberta is also the only school in Canada that has a faculty dedicated to Native Studies and its School of Public Health is the first that was fully accredited in Canada.

The school awards more than 8000 degrees, diplomas and certificates each year with most graduates coming from the faculty of Education, Arts, Science, and Engineering.

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