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The University of Canada West was established in 2004, and is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The University of Canada West is a private educational institution and is Canada’s first for-profit university. Applications for admission are accepted year-round.

The University of Canada West believes itself to be Canada’s contemporary independent university. The University’s goal is to be accessible and globally respected by transforming students into graduates who are ready and prepared to take the lead in communities around the world. Faculty is specially chosen for their teaching skills, personable demeanor, and demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields. Small class sizes ensure that students can achieve maximum interaction with their instructors.

The University’s mission is to provide exceptional service and support to students while nurturing a diverse and challenging learning environment. Learning at the University of Canada West focuses on practical application, scholarship, leadership, and responsible global citizenship.

The University of Canada West offers both undergraduate and graduate-level programs, including Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications, Bachelor of Commerce, and Master of Business Administration. All programs are available in-class and online, which allows students to interact with other students across Canada and around the world.

Campus Life

The University of Canada West’s downtown campus is home a diverse, tight-knit community, with friendly campus staff and a variety of student services designed to provide assistance and guidance to both domestic and international students. Support services include writing and numeracy coaching, academic advising, workshops, and seminars.

The student experience at the University of Canada West is exciting, diverse, and supportive. The University also hosts events throughout the year, such as holiday parties, socials, and movie nights.

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the world’s most livable cities, and is home to a mix of both metropolitan and natural amenities and attractions, including concerts, sporting events, galleries, and shopping centres, as well as bays, parks, and mountains.

Why Study at the University of Canada West?

The University of Canada West offers flexible learning programs that allow students to learn in-class and online. Students are able to connect with their global community by interacting and collaborating with other University of Canada West students across Canada and around the world.

Small class sizes, relevant courses, and rapid degree completion ensures that students will graduate with the skills and training that are necessary to succeed in the Canadian and global labour market.

With access to a tight-knit campus environment, as well as the opportunities and amenities of the city of Vancouver, students at the University of Canada West are uniquely able to experience the best of Canada’s diverse culture, something that is attractive to international and domestic students alike.

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1111 Melville Street,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V6E 3V6

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