Universite de Saint-Boniface

Universite de Saint – Boniface (USB) is a French-Language post-secondary institution located in the St. Boniface neighborhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is the only French-language University in Western Canada, offering a supportive learning environment to francophone students from around the globe. General and specialized university programs are available at USB, along with professional and technical training.  Continuing education and language courses are also offered.

USB provides students with the opportunity to improve their language skills while receiving a higher education. Students may choose from the largest number of programs offered in French in Western Canada. There is also opportunity to advance other language skills with courses in French, English, Spanish and German.

A Wide Array of Programs

University Degree Programs - a variety of undergraduate and graduate university degree programs are offered at USB.

  • Faculty of Arts
  • School of Translation
  • School of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Science
  • School of Social Work
  • Technical and Professional Programs
  • Faculty of Education (post first degree)

Technical and Professional Programs – focuses on developing the skills necessary to meet the job market needs.

  • One to two year programs
  • Department of Business
  • Department of Technology
  • Department of Health and Social Services

Continuing Education Division - geared towards professional development training and language courses. A Special program for school-age children is also offered.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English
  • Youth Programs

Small classes provide an intimate learning experience at USB. Students get the one-on-one attention they need to be successful in their programs.  Quality education is what it is all about at USB. As a student you will have access to state of the art science and computer laboratories, cutting edge equipment, a fitness center, sports, and more.

USB sees the value in fun and well-being and encourages students to get involved in activities outside of their studies. Recreationally or competitively, sports are a big part of student life.  Competitive intercollegiate and intramural programs along with leisure sports are all available at USB. The student center offers a number of activities throughout the year so that students have the opportunity to get involved in USB’s cultural scene.

International Students

The Universite de Saint-Boniface welcomes international students from 25 different countries to join their campus community. The diversity of cultures adds to the student experience by enriching the campus environment.  Support and guidance is available for prospective and current international students.


Universite de Saint-Boniface is affiliated with the University of Manitoba, providing students with more opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge or utilize existing connections with employers. Access to a variety of programs, services and facilities from the largest university in Manitoba are all part of the USB package.

There is something for everyone at Universite di Saint-Boniface. USB provides a specialized learning environment for francophone, young and mature students alike.

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200 De la Cathedrale Avenue,
R2H 0H7

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    Winnipeg, Manitoba

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