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About Université de Moncton

Université de Moncton (U de M) is Canada’s largest French-language university outside of Quebec. It offers over 150 study programs, including more than 40 master’s level programs, in fields of study such as administration, arts, engineering, forestry, science, and social work. Since the Université was established in 1963, it has become home to more than 35 research centres and institutions. Working in partnership with the Correctional Service of Canada, U de M has become the first French-language university to offer a criminology minor program in Atlantic Canada.

U de M’s “Dare to Dream!” vision is supported by five pillars:

  • Recruitment and the creation of a culture of student success.
  • Providing an exceptional, high-quality education.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for international students by encouraging collaboration and diversity.
  • Encouraging research, development, creation, and innovation.
  • Nurturing a supportive community by engaging in community outreach.

The Université is home to a diverse population of accredited and highly recognized professors and instructors who are committed to guiding their students to achieve academic success while preparing them for life as a graduate.

Campus Life

U de M has three campuses located in New Brunswick’s francophone regions: Edmundston, Shippagan, and Moncton. With six libraries located on these three campuses, U de M demonstrates its passion for providing an exceptional academic experience by ensuring that students have easy access to a variety of research materials and resources.

Every year, U de M hosts an International Week aimed at exposing students to the diversity of cultures present on campus, in Canada, and around the world. International Week hosts many events, including dinners and flag ceremonies.

U de M’s main campus is located in Moncton, New Brunswick. Moncton lies at the geographical center of the Maritimes, and has been dubbed “Hub City” because of its history as a land and transportation hub for the Maritimes. Moncton is also home to Magnetic Hill, where visitors can view a “gravity hill” optical illusion where the local topography creates the perception that you are going uphill when you are actually going downhill.

Moncton is also home to a variety of theatres, museums, and festivals, as well as the headquarters of the Canadian Poetry Association.

Why Study at Université de Moncton?

U de M is one of the few francophone universities that allows international students to study at the master’s level. U de M also boasts one of the lowest faculty-student ratios in Canada, which ensures that students will experience the highest quality education.

The Université de Moncton offers a variety of program-specific scholarships and bursaries, which ensures that students can comfortably take advantage of a unique opportunity to improve and enhance their language skills while being exposed to Canada’s Acadian and francophone cultural heritage.

School Address

18 Avenue Antonine-Maillet,
Moncton,New Brunswick
E1A 3E9

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    Moncton, New Brunswick

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