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About St Stephen's University

St Stephen's University (SSU) is the smallest university in all of Canada which is part of what makes it so unique. Located along the river bank of the St. Croix valley in New Brunswick, Canada, SSU offers a premier education dedicated solely to the liberal arts with studying abroad as an integral part of each and every degree.  

St Stephen's University was established in 1975 when a small group of students and faculty united to purchase a soon-to-be condemned building in the heart of St Stephen known as the Park Hotel that hosted famous guests such as Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. Today, the building is known as Park Hall and is the centrepiece of the SSU campus.  

With Christianity at its core, the SSU experience recognizes and endorses the connection between academic and personal development which is why SSU students are encouraged to not only learn from textbooks but to grow and mature on a personal level.

With less than 150 students enrolled per year, St. Stephen's University is an institution of higher learning sustained and motivated by God, where students, faculty and staff journey together.

Campus Life at St Stephen's University

The town of St Stephen is commonly referred to as the chocolate town as it is home to the chocolate factory where the very first chocolate bar was invented. From the campus, one can see the United States and can even walk across the border in less than five minutes.

SSU offers students an exciting campus life that revolves around Park Hall or as students call it-'The Big Yellow House.' Students are encouraged to participate in activities outside of the classroom just as much as inside. At the heart of campus life at SSU is a community that encourages and serves each other that also knows to have fun.

In the autumn, the campus is home to a Festival of the Arts where local artwork is displayed and live music chimes throughout campus.

Evenings of poetry, worship circles or dance parties are common occurrences as the students at SSU are encouraged to explore and express their creativity.
Close relationships are inevitably fostered at SSU as most students live on campus, at least during their first year of studies.

Why Study at St Stephen's University

SSU is a unique post-secondary experience because students live together, study together, travel together and inevitably grow together.

St Stephen's embraces diversity and difference and welcomes students from all backgrounds and walks of life. SSU has received students from various places across the globe including South Africa, Australia, China, Uganda, Japan and numerous countries across Europe.

Although a small university, SSU facilitates challenging and recognized academics that prepare students for entry into various Master's programs. All SSU degree programs include two semesters of full study credits abroad, usually in Asia and Europe.

Numerous scholarships and bursaries are available for new and existing SSU students and unlike most other post-secondary institutions in Canada, international students are not required to pay higher tuition.

SSU offers two degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of International Studies (BIS)

Both programs boast small class sizes ranging from 6 to 30 students which ensure students are given the opportunity to fully engage in their post-secondary studies.

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8 Main St,
St Stephen,New Brunswick
E3L 3E2

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