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About St. Mary’s University College

Founded in 1986, St. Mary’s University College is an independent Catholic liberal arts university in Calgary, Alberta. St. Mary’s University College’s vision is to be a leader in post-secondary education.

By offering studies in over 30 academic disciplines in the Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Education, St. Mary’s University College prepares its students to live with integrity, compassion, and confidence. The University plans to expand its disciplinary degree programs while maintaining its commitment to success in Liberal Arts and Sciences education, including the social sciences, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, human kinetics, and theology.

Academic life at St. Mary’s University College is defined by the values of freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression, based on specific principles of academic freedom:

  • The freedom to teach and learn according to one’s duty and vision.
  • The freedom to disseminate research and the rewards of academic inquiry, inspired by the scholarly obligation to pursue truth passionately and honestly.
  • The freedom to speak and write on issues in fulfillment of the obligations and legal rights of citizenship.

By offering variety of entrance, continuing, program-specific, and general scholarships, as well as a range of bursaries and academic awards, St. Mary’s University College is committed to ensuring the success of its graduates.

St. Mary’s University College is a member of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities of Canada and the International Federation of Catholic Universities.

Campus Life

St. Mary’s University College is home to a distinctive academic environment. With buildings that date back to the early 1900s and with many buildings designated as provincial heritage buildings, St. Mary’s University College uniquely combines classical Canadian values with contemporary academic pursuits. St. Mary’s University College’s preserved and restored buildings are home to modern classrooms, common rooms, and cafeterias.

St. Mary’s University College offers students the chance to join a wide variety of clubs and societies that cover interests including literature, social justice, ethics, art, and athletics. With four intercollegiate teams in two sports, the University ensures that its students have many opportunities to engage equally with the academic and social sides of post-secondary education.

Why Study at St. Mary’s University College?

By nurturing engaged citizens and compassionate members of society, St. Mary’s University College is committed to inspiring the pursuit of knowledge and service to the community by preparing students to be lifelong learners.

Students at St. Mary’s University College are motivated to combine academics with a strong and spirited commitment to ethics, social justice, and respect for the diversity of opinion and belief that has come to characterize Canada’s diverse population.

With an average class size of 25 students, St. Mary’s University College demonstrates its commitment to developing the whole person by expanding their understanding of their own mind, body, and spirit, as well as those of others.

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14500 Bannister Road SE,
T2X 1Z4

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