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Sprott Shaw Degree College is a private career training institution located in communities throughout British Columbia. Established in 1903, the College employs the principles of adult education and has expanded to include over 100 programs in a variety of fields, including healthcare, tourism, hospitality, business, and international studies.

Academic programs maintain a clear focus on specialized subject matter in order to train students in the relevant skills that are necessary for success in growing industries. A number of programs contain work-experience components, administered through practicum learning, co-operative education, and clinical placements.

Sprott Shaw Degree College has 13 campuses across British Columbia. Each campus is home to flexible programs that are designed to suit the needs and schedules of a diverse student body. Programs feature monthly start dates and customizable scheduling.

The College’s mission is threefold:

  • To teach using a standardized curriculum taught by qualified instructors.
  • To guide students and graduates towards successful, fulfilling careers.
  • To learn from each other by recognizing that success in an educational environment is the result of two-way learning.

Sprott Shaw Degree College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institute Agency of British Columbia, the National Association of Career Colleges, and the Better Business Bureau.

Campus Life

Sprott Shaw Degree College offers support services for students, including stress management workshops, study guides, and career counseling. The College also offers continued career counseling for alumni.

The College has 13 campuses across British Columbia, including Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Nanaimo, and Kelowna. Students at Sprott Shaw Degree College are able to experience the intimacy and excitement of communities across the province. Campuses are located in both small, tight-knit communities, as well as large metropolitan cities. All campuses host events throughout the year, including student appreciation days, assemblies, themed days, and sporting events.

The College’s main campuses are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. Vancouver is home to a mix of both metropolitan and natural amenities and attractions, including concerts, sporting events, galleries, and shopping centres, as well as bays, parks, and mountains.

Why Study at Sprott Shaw Degree College?

Sprott Shaw Degree College offers accredited, relevant, and respected career education and training on a flexible schedule. With small class sizes and qualified instructors, students at Sprott Shaw experience high-quality, hands-on training designed for adults of all ages.

Bridging programs with a number of language schools are designed to assist international students as they transition into Sprott Shaw’s career training programs and Canadian life.

Students and graduates have access to lifetime job placement assistance, as well as lifetime course refreshers and skills upgrading programs, which demonstrates the Sprott Shaw’s commitment to the success of its graduates.

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