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Olds College

Olds College was established in 1913 and is located in Olds, Alberta. The College has a satellite campus in Calgary through a partnership with the Calgary Stampede Board.

Olds College offers more than 30 programs in fields such as Fashion, Horticulture, and Business, as well as Bachelor of Applied Sciences degrees and Apprenticeship designations. The College has a growing international reputation, nurtured through partnerships and collaboration with more than 30 other countries.

The College strives to be the premier Canadian integrated learning and applied research community by specializing in agriculture, horticulture, and land and environment management. Olds College is committed to achieving its mission to build an environment for learning, inquiry, partnership, and communication in support of its students, faculties, and communities.

Olds College is the largest agricultural college in Alberta, and is known for its Land Use Planning and Land Agent program, administered through the School of Environment. The College is a member of the Alberta Rural Development Network

Campus Life

Olds College’s main campus in Olds, Alberta, covers more than 2000 acres, and includes a working farm and botanic gardens. Five acres of botanic gardens feature a lush, diverse landscape including more than 20 plant collections and specialty gardens, while another 20 acres of Treatment Wetlands is home to over 19 ponds and an extensive pathway system that allows students to enjoy the unique wetlands environment.

The College understands that a lot of the college experience occurs outside of the classroom. With a variety of clubs covering interests such as environmental issues, academia, sports, religion, and agriculture, Olds College provides students with many opportunities to engage in a rich social atmosphere. The College hosts multiple events throughout the year aimed at building and strengthening community ties, including golf tournaments, horticulture festivals, and gala events.

The College also provides a variety of student support services, including health and wellness services, counseling, and financial aid. Olds, Alberta, is located less than 100 kilometers north of Calgary.

Why Study at Olds College?

Olds College is home to a welcoming, vibrant campus that provides students with many opportunities to engage in practical, hands-on learning through academic programs while developing social relationships through a variety of clubs and events.

Olds College remains true to its founding principles by valuing small class sizes, specialized training, and extended education, with courses that emphasize practical, hands-on training. The campus environment allows students to have a high-quality learning experience in a variety of programs. Unique features such as botanic gardens and wetlands provide students with opportunities to engage in practical learning.

The College is committed to four values: the empowerment of learners, rural community development, teamwork, and the continuous improvement of all college operations. These values inform the College’s day-to-day operations, and underline the College’s commitment to the success of its students and graduates.

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