Northwest Community College

Northwest Community College was established in 1975 in Terrace, British Columbia, and has expanded to include nine regional campuses serving over 30 communities in northwest British Columbia.

The College offers a wide variety of certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees in a full range of programs, including Arts, Business, Health, Sciences, Trades, and technical and university credits in Arts and Science. Northwest Community College provides innovative programs that lead to sustainable careers by ensuring that courses respond to the needs of learners by delivering the skills that are necessary to compete in today’s employment environment.

Northwest Community College promotes experiential learning by highlighting the region’s unique cultural heritages, and by connecting students to their communities by providing interaction with the region’s physical environment. Experiential and collaborative learning initiatives provide practical job training aimed at ensuring that students graduate with the skills necessary to become valuable members of their communities.

Northwest Community College is a recognized leader in Aboriginal education.

Campus Life

Northwest Community College provides a variety of support services, including cultural assistance aimed at helping international students adjust to life in the Canadian northwest. In addition, educational advisors help students choose the right program and direct students to other support services designed to promote the success of its graduates.

The College’s Students’ Union hosts events such as parties, pub nights, contests, and socials, which gives students a chance to gain a high-quality education while participating in an active social atmosphere.

Northwest Community College’s Student Ambassador program promotes student involvement in campus communities by recognizing students for their participation, initiative, and leadership.

Terrace, British Columbia is located on the Skeena River. Terrace is one of the oldest continuously populated regions in the world. The region’s long history contributes to the uniqueness of the region by providing an environment in which students can engage with the Aboriginal core of Canada’s diverse and dynamic culture.

Why Study at Northwest Community College?

Northwest Community College’s vision is to build successful futures through educational leadership in the social, cultural, and community development of northwestern British Columbia. The College aims to realize this vision through conforming to principles of accountability, student success, respect, cooperation, and innovation. The College’s belief in the empowerment of students, employees, and communities, demonstrates its commitment to the success of its graduates, the communities in which they reside, and the global environment.

Students at Northwest Community College are exposed to a truly Canadian experience. The College’s network of community associations allows students to access the uniquely beautiful landscape of northwestern British Columbia while receiving a high-quality education. Small class sizes, student-centred teaching and learning, and exposure to Canadian life and culture make Northwest Community College a leading post-secondary institution.

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5331 McConnell Avenue,
Terrance,British Columbia
V8G 4X2

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