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About Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

In 1983, a group of five First Nations bands united to form an educational institute known as the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. Today the school is more commonly referred to as NVIT and has grown to be considered the home of public, Aboriginal dedicated post-secondary education within British Columbia

Firmly grounded in Aboriginal culture and tradition, NVIT is solely governed by the Aboriginal community and is dedicated to responding to the educational needs of its students by providing support, knowledge, choices and tools for students to build their futures.

At the heart of the organization and implementation of education at NVIT is the belief that Aboriginal people can determine their own futures.

NVIT: Honouring Tradition

NVIT attributes its success to its four primary strategic directions:

    -Student Centered
    -Academic Excellence
    -Community Relevance
    -Organizational Effectiveness

One of the main attributes that distinguishes NVIT from other colleges is the role of the Elders Council. Much like traditions within Aboriginal communities themselves, the Elders Council at NVIT is present to offer knowledge and guidance to NVIT students, staff and faculty. In addition, NVIT Elders are considered to be teachers of good medicine and they are a genuine source of comfort and pride within the NVIT community.

Campus Life at NVIT

NVIT is currently comprised of two campuses – Merritt Campus and Vancouver Campus.

Merritt Campus is home to a recent collaborative undertaking to create a learning environment that provided the necessities of a modern academic institution while simultaneously honouring Aboriginal heritage and culture. The result was an award-winning infrastructure that exemplifies the possibilities of sustainable living. Merritt Campus has won three major architecture awards since 2002.

In addition to exemplary infrastructure, Merritt Campus offers daycare facilities as well as student housing for up to 80 students.

Once registered and fees are paid, all NVIT students are automatically members of the Student Society which is an organization that advocates and protects students’ rights and interests. The Society also facilitates various social, cultural and recreational activities accessible to all registered students.

Why Study at NVIT?

NVIT offers its students numerous study options ranging from academic preparation and career training to an undergraduate BSW degree – the only Aboriginal-centered degree program in British Columbia.

With so many options, NVIT recognizes the importance for academic counselling which is why all students are encouraged to regularly meet with an NVIT academic planner where students are encouraged to discuss goals in order to make the right educational choices.

In addition to a variety of programs and support options, NVIT hosts many financial awards programs. Students can access bursary and scholarship information from the NVIT site or make an appointment with an NVIT Financial Planner to learn more.

School Address

4155 Belshaw Street,
Merritt,British Columbia
V1K 1R1

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    Merritt, British Columbia

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