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About Newman Theological College

Newman Theological College (NTC) is a private, Catholic college based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 1969, NTC is dedicated to providing quality theological education to Christian men and women.

Named after a master in theological reflection, John Henry Cardinal Newman, NTC is an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) since 1992 and works in partnership with St. Joseph Seminary.  

The motto at NTC is ‘Faith seeking understanding.’ That is why all education at NTC is grounded in the study of historically significant documentation that are witness to the Church’s scripture and tradition while honouring the spiritual growth and formation of each student.

By combining theological education, living gospel values and honouring the universal call to holiness, NTC invites students to explore and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by discovering the workings of the Holy Spirit functioning throughout their daily lives.

NTC borrows from scripture and the array of spiritual options in Christian tradition in order to deliver a well-rounded spiritual formation education to its students and potential laymen.

NTC Courses and Programs

The educational mission at NTC is to prepare students to assume roles of Christian leadership and service within the Church and throughout the world. NTC aims to realize its mission by offering degree programs (Bachelor or Theology), preparatory certifications (Faith Formation) and advanced graduate programs (Master of Divinity).

Just as diverse as the students themselves, NTC facilitates many educational goals including

    -Preparation for the ordained ministry
    -Preparation for the lay ministry
    -Preparation as an educator within the Catholic school system
    -Enrichment of personal faith

NTC recognizes the importance of diversity within the Catholic commune, its staff and students and throughout the world. That is why NTC educators are encouraged to use an array of teaching methodologies in order to better respond to different learning styles. NTC is very proud to have professors, students and courses from other Christian churches and it embraces the importance of knowledge of other world religions.

NTC: Providing Options

NTC offers students many awards to strive for. One of the most distinguished is the Kevin Carr Christian Leadership Award which was created to recognize an NTC student who has provided notable leadership and a positive impact within a Christian culture in western Canada.

NTC also offers students more than twenty different bursaries to apply for. The aim of each is to assist students with tuition costs. These bursaries are available to both new and existing students.

As a recognized educational institution by the Alberta and Canada Student Loans services, other financial aid options are available to NTC students as well.

NTC can be especially appealing to international students because unlike most post-secondary institutions in Canada, NTC does not currently ‘up-charge’ fees for international students. Also, all international students are eligible to apply for any available bursaries as well as financial assistance.

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