Fraser International College

Fraser International College is a private institute located in Burnaby, British Columbia, on the grounds of Simon Fraser University. Since 2006, Fraser International College (FIC) has been administering courses under an agreement with Simon Fraser University (SFU). In an effort to maintain the highest of standards, SFU oversees all course material at FIU.

Fraser International College attracts students from over 35 countries worldwide, providing quality education to +1500 students. Individuals are attracted to the opportunity to earn a top-rated degree from one of the best comprehensive universities in Canada. Simon Fraser University is a leader in research intelligence evaluation and has earned national recognition for its programming in science and engineering, as well as social sciences and humanities.

At Fraser International University, Stage 1 studies lead to a direct channel into second year undergraduate degrees of Simon Fraser University. University Transfer Program II courses at FIC are equivalent to Simon Fraser University’s first year bachelor degree.

Why Choose Fraser International University

At FIU, students can be sure they will given entry into continued studies at Simon Fraser University and graduate with a well respected degree from a highly reputable institute. Students can prepare for entry to university-level program through the UTP Stage I programs. Following this, students move on to UTP Stage II, which is the equivalent to SFU’s Bachelor of Arts degree. This program provides students with the foundation needed to further studies in Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Communication Art and Technology, Business, Engineering Science, Environment, or Health Sciences.

Students also have the option to work towards post-graduate (Pre-MBA) studies. These courses provide student with the fundamentals of business, covering topics on international business, new ventures, and sustainability.

Bursaries and scholarships provide students with needed financial support as well as a means of academic recognition. The Navitas Family Bursaries offer financial support to families of two or more students from the same family and is equal to 10 percent of the tuition fee in the applicable program. Navitas academic merit scholarships are given to outstanding students for their dedication and academic excellence.

Student Life

Choosing FIC means a smooth transition into programming at Simon Fraser University. FIC offers an excellent learning environment where class sizes are small, allowing for the personal needs of each student to be met. Instructors are highly qualified and eager to help students succeed. The environment at FIC is extremely supportive, understanding the unique needs of the divers student body.

The campus is located in one of the most beautiful and livable cities, on Burnaby Mountain. Scenic mountains and the eye-catching beauty of the sea surround the campus. Students at FIU have access to the top-class facilities at SFU, including residences, recreation activities, the athletic facilities, clubs, student services and more. SFU offers a single room accommodation and an on-campus hotel for visiting family members. This fully catered service is available to students living on campus.

Downtown Vancouver can be reached in only 25-minutes by car, where students will find all the amenities of a large urban city. Campus buses are available to get students to Vancouver’s rapid transit system. FIC students enjoy the services and facilities offered at SFU, while living in one of the best cities in the world.

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8900 Nelson Way,
Burnaby,British Columbia
V5A 4W9

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