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Concordia Lutheran Seminary, established in 1839, is a graduate school that prepares men for the pastoral ministry of Lutheran Church. Concordia is located in Edmonton, Alberta, on the same campus as Concordia University College of Alberta and the Lutheran Historical Institute. The Alberta-British Columbia District Office of Lutheran Church also shares the campus with Concordia.  
Concordia is devoted to the Holy Scriptures and lives as if they are the main source of Christian faith and life. Concordia is also devoted to providing a quality education through its diverse faculty; faculty that have a variety of pastoral and academic experience to bring only the best to its students.

Since 1998, Concordia has been accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools. The school offers an open study program, a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, Master of Divinity, Theological Diploma, and a Colloquy program. Distant education is also available through Concordia.  

At the end of the academic year, Concordia hosts the Sacred Convocation, where candidates for priesthood are given assignments to a congregation of Lutheran Church in Canada. For they next year, these individuals will get hands-on experience in the ministry with the guidance of an LCC pastor.

During the convocation, Master of Divinity degrees are distributed to those entering the ministry and theological diplomas are given to candidates.

Why Choose Concordia Lutheran Seminary

At Concordia there are a variety of key areas that students may study including, Exegetical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology and Practical Theology. Listed below are the 5 programs offered at the institute:

Open Studies- Concordia offers an Open Studies program for students who do not want to participate in a seminary degree program. Students receive credit courses through this program, not a degree or diploma. These credits may be used in the future if the student choses a subsequent degree program.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies -After students complete 24 credits in the Open Studies program, Concordia awards them the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (GCTS). Students have from 1 – 8 years to complete the GCTS and can be applied towards a Mater’s degree program.

Master of Divinity-Concordia offers a four-year Master of Divinity program. This full-time course provides training and advanced Bible knowledge needed to prepare students to serve in the pastoral ministry of LLC. Candidates of this program should be in good health and must be prepared for a commitment to the Christian ministry.

Theological Diploma- At Concordia the Theological Diploma ensures that the individual has validated his commitment to the ministry and that his personality is suitable for service. The program assessesindividual’s academic, practical and personal development to ensure they are deserving and ready for the Theological Diploma.  

Colloquy- The Colloquy program allows individuals admission to the pastoral ministry in LLC. This is done under the oversight of the colloquy committee of the church.

Research at Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Because Concordia is a graduate school students are given a rounded education built on learning, research and outward development. This outward development happens when students engage in the community through lectures, events and continuing educations. Research is an essential component of education at Concordia, providing individuals the opportunity to solve problems in the Theological field and other relevant areas.

At CLS students are encouraged participate in research with their professors so that their work may be published. In the final year of both Master’s programs, students at CLS must initiate a Research Project.

Concordia brings together a quality education with Christian Faith and produces spiritual leaders within the community.

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