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About Canadian Mennonite University

Officially established as one school in 2000, Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) was built on the foundation of three colleges that combined into one – Concord College, Menno Simons College, and Canadian Mennonite Bible College. Located in Winnipeg Manitoba, today’s version of the school is a Christian university that offers combination of Christian education and typical degree programs.

With the schools focus based on Anabaptist Mennonite traditions, the schools mission is to provide a platform for students to research and study to prepare for careers in leadership and service in society.

Student Life at Canadian Mennonite University

CMU is known for its tight community that has a focus on education and spirituality. On campus students are afforded the best of the best in terms of academic assistance, advising, student life, recreation, and the best of city life in Winnipeg.
CMU is composed of three campuses:

  • Shaftsbury Campus in Winnipeg
  • Menno Simons College at the University of Winnipeg
  • Outtatown in Africa and Guatemala as part of the schools cultural study program

Why Study at Canadian Mennonite University

Students choose to study at Canadian Mennonite University because of its spiritual focus, but also because of the academic options that are available across many degree programs. Students can get bachelor degrees in the arts, music and music therapy, business administration, a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies or Christian Ministry.

Some of the program options include Biblical and Theological Studies, Business & Organizational Administration, Counselling Studies, Economics, Intercultural Studies, International Development Studies, Music Therapy, Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies, and Theatre, Film, and Art. Many of these programs are unique – offering an educational experience that is not widely offered at other schools in Canada.

For students that are looking for flexible course offerings they can enroll in Portable CMU, a program that offers distance courses – But, the unique part of the of the program is that faculty members will come to your to provide instruction and workshops.

Unique Education Opportunities

Canadian Mennonite University offers students a number of unique education experiences and opportunities. They are:

  • Canadian School of Peacebuilding: A 5 day course that attracts local and international professionals, students and activists that focuses on justice, conflict resolution, and reconciliation.
  • Outtatown School of Discipleship: Provides students with opportunity engage in new experiences and education programs in countries such as South Africa, Guatemala, and Burkina Faso.
  • Practicum: There are two different practicum courses that students can take – The first is completed during classes, and the other is a more intensive practicum that takes place over a 12 week period. Some of the subject areas for the practicums include cross cultural service learning, mission and service intensive practicum, Communications and media, business and administration, worship, youth ministry, and more.

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R3P 2N2

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