British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a polytechnic institution located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Polytechnic Institutes tend to be independent institutions that offer instruction in a range of programs leading to an applied degree, apprenticeship and trade programs, certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Since its establishment in 1960, BCIT has grown into a comprehensive training institute with five campuses throughout British Columbia.

The new Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond is a state-of-the-art 300,000 square-foot building, holding a fleet of 20 aircrafts. This impressive campus even has an airport control tower simulator. The Marine Campus is in the City of North Vancouver and is home to the only Marine Engine Room Simulator in Western Canada.  

BCIT offers diverse programming leading to certificates, diplomas, advanced studies and degrees. All BCIT programs are comprehensive and offer the best in hands-on learning with exceptional instructors. The programs at BCIT include: Applied & Natural Sciences, Business & Media, Computing & Information Technology, Engineering & Technical Studies, Health Sciences, Trades, Vocational & Apprenticeship.

Why choose BCIT

At BCIT there are a variety of levels of certification available with many of the programs leading to professional certification. Students benefit from a number of programs that equip students for exemptions from some courses, instead graduates are required to write a qualify exam to meet professional designations. The school also offers an array of programs for international students. International programs are available in full-time or part-time study options.  

BCIT has a complete set-up in the radio and television studio, broadcasting Evolution 107.9 FM. The school is also home to the one and only Prosthetics and Orthotics training program in Western Canada. Ensuring that programs revolve around applied learning is a priority at BCIT, providing students with the opportunity to put the theory they learn into practice. Students have access to advanced equipment in labs, studios, shops and more.

BCIT has been recognized as a leader in job placements, with its placements rates being higher than many other institutes in its category. Reviews found that78 % of diploma graduates were employed in a job-related to their program, while 94% of Baccalaureate degree graduates found employment.

Student Life

At BCIT Class sizes are small giving students the opportunity to interact with instructors one-on-one. Students can get to know their fellow classmates and collaborate their knowledge.

Burnaby is the third-largest city in British Columbia, with activities of all kinds to keep students busy. There are beautiful rivers, lakes and parks to enjoy as well as restaurants entertainment, and cultural events throughout the year. Getting around the city is a breeze with access to buses and the SkyTrain.

There is lots of opportunity for students to apply and grow their knowledge through applied research. The ongoing research conducted at BCIT contributes to the excellent quality of the educational programs, keeping programming current and competitive. Research initiatives at BCIT also contribute to commercially useful technology products. Many solid partnerships have been established through such efforts, benefiting the school and the students.

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3700 Willington Avenue,
Burnaby,British Columbia
V5G 3H2

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