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Established in 2010 as Booth University College, the schools roots date back to 1982. Prior to its current name, the school was previously known as Catherine Booth Bible College until 1997 and William and Catherine Booth College from 1997 to 2010. The school was originally named in honor of the co-founders of the Salvation Army and the Salvation continues to play a large role in the schools existence today.

Located in Winnipeg Manitoba, the school is known as a liberal arts school and brings together Christian Faith with post-secondary education – making it an ideal choice for students that are looking for a small and comprehensive Christian school.

Student Life at Booth University College

One of the many attractive features of the school is its campus. While the campus at Booth UC is small, it is full of historic and modern buildings, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for students. With campus located in downtown Winnipeg, students have access to everything the city has to offer, allowing them to get the best of campus and city life.

The small campus also means small class sizes, allowing students to get the one on one attention that will enhance their education experience. With class sizes no bigger than 50 and most averaging about 20 students, this is definitely an attractive feature.

A unique component of being part of the Both University College community is having the opportunity to give back. The student body is dedicated to community service, offering up more than 25, 000 hours each year to community groups in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Why Study at Booth University College

Even though Booth UC is a Christian school it still offers students a wide range of academic programs to choose from. They are:

  • Bachelor Degrees: Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, English, Film, Religion, Humanities, Business Administration, and Social Work
  • Certificate Programs: Liberal Arts and Christian Studies
  • Extended Learning Programs: Bachelors of Biblical and Theological Studies, and certificates in Management, Christian Studies, and Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Booth UC also has a number of partnership programs with other academic university and organisations in Canada to provide even more education options. Some of the partners include University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, College for Officer Training – Canada and Bermuda Territory, Simon Fraser University, Jerusalem University College, and The Salvation Army Ethics Centre.

International education is also a focus for Booth UC. The school has partnered with to provide students the opportunity to study abroad. The school also offers incentives to attract international students to its campus. International students are offered a $500 scholarship as well as a one month intensive program that assists with transition to the school and Canada, making it a great options for students domestically and internationally.

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447 Webb Place,
R3B 2P2

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