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The Art Institute of Vancouver is located in Vancouver, B.C., officially opening under its current name in 2002. Beforehand, it was The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound, located in Burnaby, B.C., and The Institute of Digital Arts, which was in Richmond, B.C. The school continued to grow and broadened its programs to include culinary education in 2003, taking on the Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Canada. The school was completely unified by 2004 as The Art Institute of Vancouver.

Today the school has two locations with the main campus situated in a new 40,000 square foot campus in Renfrew Vancouver. Campuses combined, the school offers students 80,0000 square feet of learning ground – with classrooms, studios, gallery space, study areas, library, computer labs and a professional kitchen. Vancouver is an ideal location for the institute as it is marked for its creative and innovative people.

Offering programs in Fashion, Design, Media Arts, and Culinary, The Art Institute of Vancouver strives to attract innovative students seeking excellent mentorship and with a hands on education. The institute is frequently recognized for its outstanding programs and training, some recently including the Interior Design course and the Game Design & Programing course.  The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, a nationally recognized accrediting agency, provides accreditation of the college.

Available courses at The Art Institute of Vancouver include:

  • Fashion – Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing
  • Design- Adverting, Graphic & Web Design, Interior Design
  • Media Arts – Audio Production, Digital Film, Special Effects, Animation, Game Design & Programming
  • Culinary – Culinary Arts, Culinary Management

Recognition at The Art Institute of Vancouver

The Game Art & Design Program attracted some attention to The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2006, when the school, in partnership with the International Game Developers Association and Electronic Arts (EA), hosted the ARTmageddon game industry festival. Following this, the school hosted the ARTimation Media Arts Festival in 2008. Animation, visual effects, and recording arts are just some of the areas highlighted in this event. Such events allow students to showcase their talents and skills.

Many graduates go on to high-profile rewarding careers where their knowledge and skill are put to the test. Mike Snight and Charles Bradbury are two great examples of this. These two graduates worked alongside Irrational Games best of the best, and their talents were key contributions in the production and success BioShock Infinite.

Student Life

At The Art Institute of Vancouver students can apply for school-sponsored housing, a system allowing students to cover housing costs through their financial plan and enjoy a step towards independent living. There are also numerous school-sponsored activities available to students, helping them to connect with others and develop supportive friendships. The Art Institute of Vancouver also offers a health plan, clubs geared around classes, and extracurricular activities some of which include yoga and movie nights.

International students are also welcomed at The Art Institute of Vancouver and will quickly begin feeling at home in this community based school environment. Student services are set up to support both international and local students, ensuring a smooth transition and providing the tools needed for success.

School Address

4665 Renfrew Street,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V5M 0A7

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