Ambrose University College

Ambrose University College is a private Christina liberal arts college, which provides a unique education rich in knowledge and in faith. The schools mission is to “produce graduates who are consciously and actively Christian in all aspect of life”. Students of Ambrose University College have the option of working towards:

  • An undergraduate or graduate level of education for pastoral ministry.
  • An undergraduate level education in a selection of liberal arts and science degrees.

About Ambrose University College

With its roots going back as far as 1921, Ambrose University College is known for its academics in arts & science, its school of ministry and its seminary program.

The Arts & Science program will prepare students with the research skills, critical thinking skills and strong communication skills that are necessary at any professional level. This program is strongly weighted on the Bachelor of Arts, but also encompasses a Bachelor of Science (Biology), Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education (post degree) and a University Studies Diploma.

In the School of Ministry students develop and strengthen leadership skills, teaching abilities and administration. This program will ensure students have developed a strong practice of biblical literacy and theological reflection.

Ambrose Seminary offers a Master of Arts program and a Master of Divinity program. Other diplomas and certificates aimed at preparing students to lead the church are also available.

Spiritual Community

There are many ways to integrate your faith with your learning on campus. Weather you want time for worship or to serve in the community, there are lots of ways to dedicate time to your faith including:

  • Chapel & Worship
  • Prayer
  • Mission Work
  • Small Group Bible Studies
  • Legacy Youth Conference

An Engaged Campus Life

Ambrose University College is all about community. As a student you can sleep at night knowing that your success truly matters.  The student development team is dedicated to making sure students have a meaningful and engaging educational experience with opportunities all around. You will gain a sense of fellowship and community at Ambrose University College.

Campus clubs range from sciences, sports and outdoors activities, and literature to drama, business and more. Like-minded people, supporting one-another to achieve successful careers in serving others, will surround you.

Residence programs are available for students who wish to live on campus. A Resident Assistant, who encourages a positive living – learning environment among residents, provides on-going support. This way, students may experience and express the best of their spiritual, social and academic selves.

Students will enjoy the gymnasium, fitness center and squash courts at the recreation center. If athletics is something you’re interested in, you can join the Ambrose Lions Athletics and improve your physical and social skills.

Lectures at Ambrose

Ambrose University College provides students and the community the opportunity learn from experts and in an array of disciplines that touch on important issues in society.  Lectures with guest speakers are a regular practice on campus, giving students the opportunity to engage with bright academics and scholars.

School Address

150 Ambrose Circle SW,
T3H 0L5

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    Calgary, Alberta

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