Alexander College

Alexander College is a higher education institute offering a university preparatory program and university level courses for students ready to begin an academic career. Weather you’re looking for an academic program or seeking foundation programs, Alexander College provides both academic and vocational training.

The college is diverse, accepting students that are new to Canada and those whom find the English language and culture a challenge. Alexander College will provide support and guidance to students by teaching English and vocational programs, ensuring a smooth integration into the Canadian culture.

Students will be taught material covering the first two years of university leading to an Associate degree. Students will then be ready to find a job or to transfer to a university of their choice. All of this happens in a student-centered environment with the assistance and support of the college.  

Your journey, your destination

Alexander College strives to provide the following to its students:

  • To provide a learning experience that is supportive to student with diverse cultural backgrounds and language abilities.
  • To guide students in the early stages of university while they continue to improve their English-language skills.
  • To provide academic preparation that is recognized and transferable to other institutions, providing the groundwork for further academic studies.
  • To strengthen student’s critical thinking skills, so they may be effective at evaluating and problem solving in their careers.
  • To teach scientific reasoning and literacy.
  • To teach information literacy, so that students can recognize the need for information and possess the ability to make the best use of information.
  • To acknowledge and enjoy arts, culture, and humanities.
  • To have a solid understanding of how to use technology and data to effectively deal with problems.

There are courses offered in:  Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Sociology, Asian Studies and Business Economics.

Student Life

Alexander College’s Burnaby campus is perfect for students wanting to study in a developed community. It is conveniently located right across from the famous Metrotown Mall and surrounded by things to see and do.  If taking a nice stroll is something you’re looking for, Central Park is near by. Other activities for students include hiking in the mountains, skiing or snowboarding at Whistler, or visiting museums and attending cultural events.  

Clubs are run by students and change based on the interests of students, so there is always opportunity to find or start a club that best suits you. Some clubs have included conversation club, film and drama, basketball club, billiards club and the explorers club.

With a diverse body of students, Alexander College offers assistance in supporting student life including:

  • Academic Support & Counseling
  • Academic Counseling & Advising
  • Academic Accommodation for students with disabilities
  • Homestay
  • Health & Counseling
  • Medical Insurance
  • Writing & Learning Resources
  • Off Campus Work Permit
  • Sport, Clubs & Activities

Weather you’re a foreign student looking to integrate into Canadian culture or if you’re a student ready to focus on academics, Alexander College has a program that is right for you.

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4680 Kingsway,
Burnaby,British Columbia
V5H 4L9

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