Adler School of Professional Psychology

The Adler School of Professional Psychology is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a post-baccalaureate institution and is the oldest independent graduate school of psychology in Canada and the United States.  By producing successful graduates that are socially responsible practitioners, that engage the community, and whom advance social justice, the school has made it a point continues the groundbreaking work of the school’s founded and psychologist Alfred Adler. The overall vision of the Adler School is to contribute to the creation of a more just society.

Programs Offered

The Adler School offers degree programs in clinical psychology and a number of graduate degree programs. They are:

  • Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D)
  • M.A. in Community Psychology
  • M.A. in Counselling Psychology
  • M.A. in Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Counselling Psychology

Institutes & Partners

A variety of institutes are an integral part of the Adler school’s educational programs. These institutes provide students, Faculty and Faculty Affiliates a channel to engage in research, public awareness projects and community outreach. These programs help give insight on how social justice, public safety, human potential and is influenced by laws, public policy, institution behaviors and public beliefs.

  • Institute on Social Exclusion
  • Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
  • LGBTQ Mental Health and Inclusion Center
  • Adler Child Guidance Center

Unprecedented work has been successfully produced by faculty and staff, in conjunction with the Adler School Institutes and Centers. Health issues including parenting, immigration and detention, social exclusion, LGBTQ of mental health and the social determents of mental health have all been areas included in research.

Partners of the Adler School of Professional Psychology are every growing, supporting the unique preparation work completed by faculty and students. More than 700 agencies are partnered with the school in both community practice and internship sites for students. These strong partnerships are critical pieces of what allow the Adler School to advance community health.


At the Adler School there are five values guiding the expectations of students:

  • Social Interest
  • Pluralism
  • Courage
  • Excellence
  • Pragmatism

As a student of the Adler School of Professional Psychology you will be supported by a team of strong leaders and faculty, all of who are experts in their field. The research opportunities and hands on practice are one of a kind, with the well-established institutes and centers constantly working to improve social justice.

The Adler School has a strong presence in the news and media. Studies and interviews of students and faculty have been widely published for the public. The Adler School will set you up for success in your professional psychology career. Weather you are seeking a private practice or if you are interested in universal social justice, the Adler School of Professional Psychology are experts in producing successful graduates.

School Address

1090 West Georgia Street,
Vancouver,British Columbia
V6E 3V7

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