Top 5 Fastest Growing Jobs in North America

Health care and technology industries are booming in North America, but which specific jobs are expected to grow over the next decade?

There’s something for everyone, with jobs that don’t require any education beyond high school, several that require only an associate’s degree, as well as jobs for those with master’s and doctoral degrees.

5. Diagnostic medical sonographers

Percent growth: 46.0%

Jobs added through 2022: 27,000

Median salary: $65,860

Typical education needed: Associate’s degree


 4. Interpreters and translators

Percent growth: 46.1%

Jobs added through 2022: 29,300

Median salary: $45,430

Typical education needed: Bachelor’s degree


3. Home health aides

Percent growth: 48.5%

Jobs added through 2022: 424,200

Median salary: $20,820

Typical education needed: Less than high school


2. Personal care aides

Percent growth: 48.8%

Jobs added through 2022: 580,800

Median salary: $19,910

Typical education needed: Less than high school


1. Industrial-organizational psychologists

Percent growth: 53.4%

Jobs added through 2022: 2,500

Median salary: $83,580

Typical education needed: Master’s degree

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