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Educating Global Citizens

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International Experience

What are Canadian colleges doing to prepare the next generation of young Canadians to work and prosper in the global economy? Quite a lot, says Paul Brennan, vice president, international partnerships for Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). “We live in a globalized world Canadian colleges are preparing students to be global professionals, entrepreneurs and international citizens in two ways. The first is by inviting foreign students to mix, mingle and learn at institutions here in Canada. The second is by offering Canadian students the opportunity to study and/or work abroad. International study programs help students develop cross-cultural skills and the ability to work in multicultural environments. It’s good for the students, and it’s good for the economy. “Eurowith linked economies, cross-border problems and an increasing number of jobs that take you around the world,” says Mr. Brennan. “At the same time, we have people from abroad coming to Canada to do business. In this global market, international experience and understanding is critical to success.” pean research indicates that students who take part in these programs have better job prospects and move up in organizations faster that those who do not,” he says. Humber College in Toronto has a distinguished history of engaging in international initiatives going back to the 1970s, says Diane Simpson, dean of international. “Humber’s internationalization strategy is very important in a city like Toronto because it’s so globally connected,” she says.

Courtesy of CIC – Colleges and Institutes Canada

Why Study in Canada?


After asking 1000 international student what their top reasons for studying in Canada were, we are able to provide some of the most popular answers!

#12 Financial support

Students told us that the cost to study in Canada is low compared with some other countries, and that scholarships from their institutions were really helpful. Search Canadian university and college scholarships here.

#11 Career opportunities

Many students are getting a head start on their careers by working on-campus and off. Students also said that they were able to grow industry contacts in Canada through co-op placements and field trips.

#10 Skills-building

In addition to the knowledge of their field of study, we heard that students are building marketable skills including writing skills, teamwork, critical-thinking, presentation and communication skills.

#9 Hands-on learning

Many students told us that studying in Canada provided them with a unique opportunity to undertake practical learning. This learning is made possible by having access to cutting-edge technology and laboratories on campus, as well as opportunities to interact directly with instructors and participate in research teams and practicums.

#8 Student activities

Outside of class international students told us they can participate in activities and have ample opportunity to learn about and enjoy Canadian culture.

#7 Services and supports

Canadian communities and campuses received rave reviews from students with regard to services and supports such as public transit, healthcare, academic support and more.

#6 English and French

Be it French or English, many students said that they improved their language skills in Canada. Many more told us just how awesome and unique it was to be living in a bilingual country.

#5 Independence, responsibility and self-confidence

For many students, living and studying in Canada is their first time away from home. Students told us that living in a safe and supportive place like Canada has helped them to experience independence for the first time, growing their sense of responsibility and self-confidence in the world.

#4 Canada’s quality of life

Canada has a fantastic environment with clean and safe cities and wilderness. For many students, the quality of life in Canada is what they have enjoyed the most.

#3 Diversity on campus

When you choose to study in Canada, you are choosing one of the most diverse countries in the world. Canada’s universities and colleges are hubs of global learning – students told us that they really enjoy learning about different cultures and international perspectives as they learn.

#2 Warm welcome

Canadians have a reputation for being very polite. In addition to politeness, many students told us that they received a warm welcome from their community in Canada, including neighbours, classmates, instructors, homestay families and even strangers on the street. Some even told us that they felt immediately at home studying in Canada (this is too much!)

#1 Reason to choose Canada: A great education

All of the reasons we were given above contribute to exceptional learning, but students emphasized that their time in class, in the library with their study group, and working on their projects was the most rewarding thing about coming to Canada. Some aspects of Canadian education that students really wanted to highlight was the world-class teaching – interactive, accessible instructors, the prestige of a Canadian degree around the world, and the flexibility of programs which encourage interdisciplinary studies, developing deeper cross-cutting expertise.

Coutesy of CBIE – Canadian Bureau of International Education